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About Us

The mīo gābii journey was born in summer 2021. Shortly after becoming a proud mama, a long overdue decision was made to peruse a dream. It initially began with the brand name, inspired by my beautiful son, followed by months of research with the objective to find unique pieces

The current mīo gābii jewellery inspiration designs, are drawn from the ancient empires of the past. A real appreciation for the bold, antique craftsmanship, spiritual and protective properties and beautiful intricate detail. mīo gābii believes in the satisfaction of the innate human desire to convey beauty and artistry through body adornments; a true expression of creativity that we all enjoy. 

The leather bags collection, are handmade creations by the designer Sophie Cano herself, who led a very couture professional career alongside Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and a certain Karl Lagerfeld. From this experience and her passion for travel, she gained her eye for detail, creating skilfully handcrafted pieces with carefully selected leathers, fabrics and beads, that are made in fully sustainable and ethical workshops. At mīo gābii, we are very much in love with the detailed workmanship that goes into each of the pieces, so we hope you do too!

The products, put together, are based on seeking items that are of good quality, supporting true craftsmanship and ethical working conditions.

I hope you enjoy the collections as much as I have enjoyed collating them 💜